Nikon FM10 Purchase!

TBT 2009

A gift to myself, is how I should start this blog. I recently finished purchasing a Nikon FM10 from a friend Shiyam(very cool person by the way). It was funny that she mentioned she had a film camera. She accidentally bought it for our Photo Communication class not knowing we needed a DLSR not SLR. I told her I’d buy it from her because I really want to learn to shoot better and what better then learning from film cameras. Another reason for the purchase is because my Nikon F50 stop working all of a sudden. I was really looking forward to start shooting film; about a week ago I had purchased lots of films at a flea market, but my camera was broken. There is no time to take it in to be fixed, so I went film camera shopping at the nearest pawnshops but found nothing I liked. I ended up buying the camera from Shiyam and glad I did. I helped her out with a little extra cash and now I have a new beautiful camera to create art, capture memories, and learn with.

New Nikon blogger photo by Ben Briones

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