My Breakup Letter To



Dear Pictage,

It is time to end our two-year relationship. There was a time when I really needed you but things have changed. When we first started our relationship I was super excited about you and all your qualities. What attracted me wasn’t only how innovative you were but also the free album building services, your very low credit card transaction rate of 1.5% and the great email marketing you offered my clients. But I was young and you were too — we grow, change, we also want different things and have new individual goals. I remember how extremely proud I was of having a pro-membership with you; I would tell everyone about you!

You know I always wanted to purchase canvas prints from you, but the prices were always too expensive. Now I get my canvas prints from someone else and the price difference is phenomenal. One of the main things that frustrated me about you was the difficulty of purchasing a digital download. My clients could not just download a full set of images straight from their galleries. The point that you were still offering CDs for $40+ was ridiculous in this era of the digital download.

It is obvious now that things are rocky between us and enough for me to downgrade to a starter account. My clients and I are demanding something you can’t offer and I have to look out for them myself. With its few ups and downs I can’t say I didn’t enjoy having you in my life — but it’s time to move on. Sincerely, Ben Briones.

To find out what Ben Briones Studios is using now for print products, canvases, and digital downloads. Please fill out the contact form below.

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