6 Years and Counting – Gabie & Juan – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

This young couple I like. They have been together for such a long time and you can see the dynamic of what keeps them in love. Gabie is gorgeous and Juan has that quite male model ora but both are fun silly lovable people. I was also very impressed by Gabie’s Youtube channel which you can view a video at the bottom of this blog. 

On Valentines Day I setup a nice RED picnic for them at Archer Park in McAllen, Texas equipped with strawberries and other fruit. We had the whole cute picnic with your dog at the park scene going on. Then we took the party across the street for some 50 shades of gray wall to photograph the two love birds. Soon after we got cozy in Juan’s mustang and the rest was history. Check them out!

mcallen texas photographer ben briones GabieSalas_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios (2 of 4) GabieSalas_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios (3 of 4) GabieSalas_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios (4 of 4)MCALLEN PHOTOGRAPHER STUDIO BEN BRIONES GabieSalas_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios (6 of 2)

Gabriella Salas‘ Youtube Plug 

If you’d like to setup a spicy hot date photo shoot with your loved one pleas fill out the form below so we can get started on planning your fun shoot!

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