DJ/Producer – Jorgito – Reynosa/McAllen – Ben Briones Studios

Jorgito is a DJ/Producer of dance music in Reynosa and McAllen, Texas. Tonight I took a few portraits of him for a magazine feature that will be published in the U.K. for his up coming EP titled Rambla via Bodytalk Records.

(And might I add this photo was straight out of camera without a touch up! )

Jorge and I actually share a property. Both our places sit on the same piece of land that is divided by a nice party deck, which is how I found out my neighbor was a producer. At times I  would come home to find the our deck filled with people moving and mingling to his music until 4 A.M. in the morning. It’s such a great experience to live among other creatives.

For all my Austin friends and South By South West (SXSW) attendees you can find Jorgito at the Bodytalk Label Showcase March 18th Friday at Gordough’s Downtown Austin. Go out and support local music!

You hear Jorgito’s work on Soundcloud:

Twitter: @jorgito0508
For Bookings:

If you are a musician and need portraits please fill the contact form below.

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