Barquito Oyster Bar – Roma, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Images photographed for Create The Bridge

One of my good friends, Luis Trevino, who is Co-Founder & CMO at Create The Bridge contracted to photograph these amazing drinks created by a unique seafood restaurant in Roma, Texas. I don’t know about you but I love seafood and Barquito Oyster Bar is the seafood restaurant of Roma, Texas. On top of their great food they have these one-of-a-kind mixed drinks.

I will be honest…I had never photographed drinks before. I have photographed food and still life but never prepared drinks. Well with some old school photography knowledge, a little bit of confidence and snoot I got the job done.

If you ever happen to be in Roma, Texas and feeling the craving for some seafood  and good drinks you have to visit Barquito Oyster Bar located 2042 E Grant St, Roma, TX 78584. Checkout what the online community is saying about this awesome seafood place.


For more information to hiring Create The Bridge click here:



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