25th Anniversary – Mr. & Mrs. Contreras – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Marriage is such a beautiful thing and to have a matrimony of 25 years is a blessing. This beautiful couple has endured a love that has surpassed a quarter of a century and inspired two other marriages; their daughters. I had the honor of photographing their daughter Melody’s wedding and photographed their other daughter Mariam’s save-the-date photos.

I really enjoyed shooting these photos because the couple chose to be photographed at their home and it made the session so smooth. Another reason why it went so well was because of the help Melody, their daughter, provided me that day. Enjoy! Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-2Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-3Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-4Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-5Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-6Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-7Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS-8Mr.&MrsContreras_BLOG_BBS

If you would like to capture a milestone in your life please fill the contact form below.

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