Alejandra Avila – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios


Ale has a spirit that is unmatched, a personality that is a addicting and a warmth to her soul that is has been passed down to her by her beautiful mother. For those who know Ale you know how animated she is, how contagious her laughter and how strong this beautiful young lady has grown to be. Ale and I became friends back in 2010 through mutual acquaintances and after serving her and her family through my business I don’t feel less than family with her. Truly special thanks to her mother for making me feel like a part of their family.

We barely knew each other at this photo shoot to be honest but she trusted me and I trusted her and these images were the results. From what I knew about Ale was that she was the most spirited Edinburg North High School Cougar on campus. She as also very popular and honestly talked to everyone and anyone. Another thing that brought us closer was our mutual love for photography. In her parents home; Ale’s room was completely covered in photograph she took from the floor the the ceiling. Anyone with that passion for documenting memories is on my top list!

Ale and I have a special bond but I truly cherish the bond her mother and I built in result of of this photo shoot. I write this with a heavy heart but Mrs. Marisela Avila with The Lord now and I know her family misses her dearly and I miss her as well. Sometimes I think Mrs. Avila and I became better friends than Ale and I ever did; no hard feelings Ale but you’re mom is awesome.

I really think I pushed my creativeness in this photo shoot. Special thanks for my shooting partner Lori Alaniz and Mrs. Avila for assisting. Without a doubt these have to be one of my best graduation photo set that I have done in all of my career. If I could title this body of work it would read; Mama’s Pride. 

Photo Credit: Lori Alaniz, Ben Briones2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-3_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-6_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-17_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-24_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-30_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-41_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-58_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-74_FB2011-05-22_Ale Escobedo_PRINT_BBP-81_FB

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