Fashion Re-purposed: For Thrifts-sake – McAllen, Tx – Ben Briones Studios

Fashion Repurposed for Thrifts sake, a Creative Call to Action event, was hosted by Victoria Lopez and Mark Hanna in support of Mujeres Unidas at the McAllen Creative museum. Victoria Lopez is an Author/Poet & Founder of CC2A and Mark Hanna, Business Consultant/Motivational Speaker. Creative Call to Action is a RGV based organization that helps young talented artists get a leg up in the community. Last night CC2A gave 5 young minds a runway to show off their styling skills. Each contestant had only 30 minutes to sift through a pile of thrift clothes and come up with fashionable outfits for 6 randomly picked models. The looks they came up with truly blew the crowd away.

Seems Fuentes -Food blogger [The RGV Foodster], Sarah Davila – Fashion Blogger [956 Blog], Mireya Mendoza, Melissa Vega, and Straylooks deserve a standing ovation for their stylistic talents. The audience ranked Seen’s line to be the line in the night, they all won a series of prizes. The night didn’t end there.

Featured artists artists of the month were Diana Olivares and Josue Ramirez. Josue had built and installation in the creative center called “Piñata Abstract” and designed a series of outfits out of art supplies. Be sure to keep an eye out for these rising stars.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick

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