Andrea Almaguer – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

One day, after work, Andrea approached me when I was leaving work. She asked if I could take some photos of her because she was running for Student Governemnt Association President. Well guess what? She actually won and I’m very proud of her and happy I was a small part of that achievemt.

This is her story.

“As an International student, moving to the United States has been a time of difficulty. The adjustment of immersing myself in a new culture through the language and personal experiences, was overwhelming. South Texas College has been my very first school in the United States, and I wanted to start getting involved on campus. During my first semester, Spring 2016, I joined the Student Leadership Academy, the Honors Program, and the Student Government Association. I became the Secretary of SGA, and having that position as officer helped me to learn leadership, communication, and networking skills. Currently I’m an SI Leader here at STC for College Algebra, and enjoy the gratification I get from helping my students. I wish to continue serving students and helping them in any way possible.

Deciding to run for President of SGA was a simple decision, and what I have learned is that people will try to push you back and undercut your goals, but the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself.

Give me your trust.

Help me win this battle.

Help me win by voting this Wednesday and Thursday at Building H.

Give me the privilege to be your voice, and to be the voice of all STC Students.”

Andrea E. Almaguer

For President

Wishing you the best friend! 



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