Baptismal – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

It’s never too late to choose your path. This young man at the age of 15 choose to become a Christian and we should give him props to make such an important decision in life. This family hired me to document a special moment in their lives and I happily took on this job knowing how important it was to them and the young man.

Typically the majority of baptismal photos are of young children but this case was different. This young man made his choice and took it on looking sharp in his white tux. It was a different experience because this time I could communicate with the client versus a a small child. He had a look he was pulling off and I hope I was able to capture it for him. Many blessings to him and his family. 11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6663_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6670_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6685_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6700_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6706_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6719_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6734_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6739_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6752_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6770_fb

If you are going to be baptizing your child and would like a quote for our photo services please fill the contact form below.

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