Abby Cantu – Portrait Session – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

#TBT circa 2011 

I still remember the excitement of this photo shoot. The year was 2011 and I was still attending school at The University of Texas at Austin but frequently come down to the valley to do photo shoots and document weddings. This photo shoot was special. It was on a Sunday evening one summer day. I was down for a small break before school started and I and my friend Abby decided planned on taking some photos for her modeling portfolio. Well these images were the results of that Sunday evening.

We decided to try something new and shoot downtown Edinburg, Texas. We used the old build of the Edinburg Review because it had beautiful textured walls. I also love that we shot at the perfect timing known as the Golden Hour. It’s always fun to go back to your old work and just look at your growth.

Abby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-9_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-17_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-23_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-32_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-41_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-50_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-58_FBAbby Cantu_BenBrionesPhotography-60_FB

If you are looking to take some portraits and would like some more information about our packages please fill out the contact form below. 

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