Nat Rodriguez – Artist In The Making – Edinburg, Texas

Nat and I have been friends since 2003 when we both attended Edinburg North High School. Since I’ve known her I knew she could sing but it was until recently when I rediscovered her talent because she began posting and sharing her music on Facebook.

Nat’s music is inspired by her faith and has a variety of sounds to it. It can fall into the  modern Christian music genre for sure. I applaud her because she’s actually marking music and putting out there and that’s truly how you get started as an artist.

Nat reached out to me so we could take some photos for a possible album she was going to make or just so people could put a face to the wonderful music she was producing and sharing. She requested to be photographed on some railroad tracks that she would walk through as teen. She told us they meant a lot to her. So we did just that!

Friend when you’re a famous Christian artist don’t forget about me! Wishing you the best of luck in your music career!


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