Brianna & RJ PROM – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Brianna and RJ looked fresh on the evening of their high school prom. Brianna wore a beautiful black two piece prom dress and Mr RJ looked sharp in his all black tux. I photographed the couple at this beautiful location where I actually once took Brianna’s quince photos.

The photo shoot was quick but fun. We took some great photos outdoors, inside the house, in the backyard poolside and even with RJ’s badass Chevy truck. Overall Brianna and RJ did amazing at the shoot and I hope that had fun at prom and made awesome memories.

04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4146_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4151_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4159_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4209_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4210_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4229_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4235_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4237_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4251_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4260_BLOG

If you are attending prom and want to take some unique photos and would like a quote for our services please fill the contact form below.

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