Karla Ramirez & Saul Martinez – Prom 2017 – McAllen Convention Center

This weekend we photographed Karla and Saul before they headed out to their prom! Karla looked lovely in her beautiful floral prom dress and Saul looked extremely dapper in his blue suit.

The couple took their pre-prom photos at the McAllen Convention Center. Their outfits worked well with the beautiful setting of the location. I also love how Saul’s suite really complimented Karla’s dress. Their prom outfits were very well put together.

Hope the couple had as much fun at prom as we had photographing them!
Photo Credit: Lourdes Paz 05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4231_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4229_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4218_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4214_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4205_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4202_BLOG

If you are attending prom and want to take some unique photos and would like a quote for our services please fill the contact form below.

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