Vocational Nursing Pinning Ceremony – McAllen, Texas – 2017

It takes dedication, heart, and the passion to care to become a nurse. On Sunday July 30, 2017 sixty-five students walked across the stage at the McAllen Convention Center as a student and walked off as a professional certified nurse.

South Texas College offers a Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program that prepare students with the basic competencies to become safe practitioners in the healthcare field. Upon successful completion of the Associate of Applied Science major in Associate Degree Nursing, the graduate will be able to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). After successful completion of this exam, the individual will be a registered nurse and can work in hospitals, day-surgery centers, rehabilitation centers, physicians’ offices, home health care agencies, among other areas.

If you are interested in becoming a certified nurse contact:   1-800-742-7822

Department Chair: Christie Candelaria  NAHC 2.316  | 956-872-3142

or visit their website here: https://nah.southtexascollege.edu/adn/

Photo Credit: Sara Yanez, Roland Hernadez, Ben Briones

07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3169_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3175_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3176_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3316_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6721_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6732_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6738_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_1. Cer_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6812_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_2. PIN_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3188_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_2. PIN_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3219_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_2. PIN_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3228_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_2. PIN_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3236_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_3. Certificate _STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6743_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_3. Certificate _STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6776_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_3. Certificate _STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6792_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_3. Certificate _STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-6796_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_4. Candid_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3100_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_4. Candid_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3127-2_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_4. Candid_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3357_BLOG07.30.17_HighRes_4. Candid_STC Nursing Pinning Ceremony_BBS-3359_BLOG

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