Ashley Montemayor – Head Shots – McAllen, Texas

Ashley came to our studio for professional headshots. She is a Mortgage Loan Originator at Cabrales Mortgage. So if you need a home loan feel free to click on her name to link out to her Facebook page.

Today I wanted to show off these 6 images from her session at my studio in McAllen because of two reasons. Reason number one: I wanted show that shooting in different orientations. We always shoot horizontal headshots and vertical just in case the client needs both for their marketing purposes. Reason number two: use at most two backdrop colors. This helps gives your clients headshots different looks, which can also be helpful for their marketing material for where they will be posting their images. 10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15 copy_pp_WEB10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15-2 copy_WEB10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15-4 copy_pp_WEB (2020-01-04T09_13_27.192)10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15-6 copy_pp_WEB10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15-7 copy_pp_WEB10.15.19_High Res_Ashley Head Shots_BBP-15-9 copy2_pp_WEB

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