FREE Photo Shoot Locations Edinburg and McAllen, Texas

Edinburg City Hall Edinburg, Texas

Edinburg City Hall is such a beautiful place for photos. The location is a public space built to impress visitors. It’s adjacent to Edinburg Municipal Auditorium, which is a highlight of the city hall space. The structures are geometrically fun, of course they got grass and trees but the good kind that you can sit on. The Edinburg City Hall is so diverse you can walk around the whole building and not get a bad photo.

Edinburg City Hall

Archer Park McAllen, Texas

Archer Park is located in the heart of McAllen, Texas, specifically at 101 N Main St, McAllen, TX 78501. The park has a good amount of spots to use. The pergola is probably the biggest feature of the park and there is a lot of diverse usage to it. You could photograph some on the steps, under the pergola, or with the pergola as the backdrop. The park also has a beautiful fountain with the the beautiful Casa De Palmas Hotel as it’s backdrop. It’s free to use and always open.

Archer Park McAllen, Texas

McAllen Convention Center

The McAllen Convention Center has to be one of the most popular places in McAllen for photos. Photographers love it and clients do too. It’s free, it’s big, and there are tons of great spaces and backgrounds that is kind of hard not to get a great photo at this location.

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley Edinburg, Texas

Typically you will see graduate type photos from UTRGV but the university is so rich in color and creative spaces that you can use it for a whole lot more. We have personally shot business portraits, maternity photos, and birthday photos on the campus. There are pockets of beautiful architecture all around the campus that if you land there, you can stay there and not have to walk the full campus. You can find tons of colors and textures to use for your photo ideas. Almost every building has stairways and some type of beautiful brick or walls. This location is free and highly accessible. The only warning I will give you is to park at the visitors parking lot.

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot at one of these locations please fill out the form below.

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