Lauren – Professional Headshots – McAllen, Texas

Lauren was one of our first Headshot session in our new studio and we are so excited to finally share these images. We would love to share a little bit about taking headshots at a photo studio.

Why should you book a Studio Headshot session

Convenience: The studio is available to the client at their disposal. There is no worrying about the weather or lighting. We can can control the climate giving the client the best comfort during their session.

A Clean Look: A studio setting is perfect for a clean polished look. There are no background distractions to keep you from being the main focus of the photo.

Wardrobe Changes: Getting photos done at a studio will allow you a changing area, so take advantage and take a couple of different clothing options for a variety of photos.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Trevino

If you are interested in professional studio headshots please fill out the form below.

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